Thursday, January 24, 2008

What would you call it?

Some people say Franklin Delano Roosevelt saved the U.S. from disintegration during a time of great economic crisis. Others say he tampered with free market capitalism, the perfect wealth machine, and messed it up. FDR and New Deal haters got their foot in the door with the administration of our movie star president, Ronald Reagan. But the administration of George W. Bush has shredded the New Deal (along with the Bill of Rights and the rest of our Constitution). The result is what we have now, untrammeled greed which is running you, me, the rest of the world, maybe even itself into the black hole of free market capitalism. When money is God, everything must be sacrificed and it has been. Unfettered global capitalism has been destroying the lives of people in third world countries for years. Now this destruction is on our doorstep. We will not get the truth from media owned and controlled by corporations. Joseph Palermo tells it like it is. He writes for the Huffington Post. Check out his blog on "class warfare:"

and go to to view his interview with Elizabeth Kucinich.