Tuesday, February 12, 2008

A father's plea

THIS IS MY WORLD Feb 8, '08 1:06 PM

Friends this is “MY PART OF THE WORLD.”

Greetings of the season. I am father Robin Sahaya, I work as a missionary in the dioceses of Simla Chandigarh. I am appointed in a mission station called Samana-Patran. This Mission station consists of two districts in the state of Punjab in India. I am working over here since three years. Being here for three years I have learned a lot and still learning. Over here I have lot of interaction with non-Christian brothers and sisters. I am involved in the formation of small Christian communities (SCCs or BASIC HUMAN COMMUNITIES (BHC) I am also involved in proclamation of HUMAN RIGHTS. I have formed a district human rights team under United Nations charter.

I am personally very much upset with the way things are happening in my area. The place where I work is under developed area. Only 20% of the total population is educated others are under illiteracy. The very sad part of the story is that more than 90% of men and youth are victim to alcohol and powerful drugs. I found that their way of understanding things are just opposite to the rest of the world.

The situation is even worse when we talk about the poor and the marginalized in this part of the world. The landlords really take the poor laborers and the landless for a ride. The landlords hire the poor men in the beginning of the harvest just for Rs.18000 per annum and the person who is hired has to work for 24 hours a day.

The saddest thing to be noticed is that the landlords make the whole family work at his own desirable time, including the minor children. The landlord can come to this poor man’s house at any time he likes. Can do anything he likes. Child labor is very much prevalent in this part of the world.

If any one dare to question any of the atrocities done by the landlords to any of the poor they plot against you and make sure that you do not enter in the village next time. You are helpless in the entire sphere. You can just observe and cry but cannot do anything to break the situation over there.

The poor man comes to me time and again. I just tell them God is there He sees everything and He will rescue you one day and I console them telling to wait till God comes to rescue him and his family. I feel I am alone and feel frustrated and helpless. I am sure I can do something if you join with me. Are you ready?

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