Wednesday, February 13, 2008

On "The Buzz is Obama"

My heart is starting to beat again
pushing against the heavy,
leaden weight
that has pressed it down
for so many years
Off and on since 1968.

A weight grown merciless and crushing in this reign
of Bush and Cheney
shuffling their glib and greedy henchmen in and out the doors of power. God’s men drunk with the spoils, sauntering the corridors,
scoffing at our dead heroes,
slamming the door on the dreams of our youth,
selling our songs to the highest bidders...

Dishonor, deceit and greed masked by born again lies
and Sunday School manners.
This has been our tribulation.
Could hell be any worse?
These awful years when wrong has been
called right and royal secrets kept and treachery
baptized by prayers.
When "I don't remember," makes it all
And all the pundits carry on like crows but keep on carrying the tune.

And pretty girls on Fox with flashing eyes and sharpened nails toss their curls and push the truth around. They sit in judgment of the small and fawn and prate before the heartless great.

Will this hopeless horror end?
I do not know.
But I’m beginning to hope